Oasis Car Wash Location

Oasis Car Wash Location


Oasis Kwik Wash Car Wash and OasisĀ Detail Services

Kwik Wash Located at 25 Jiffy StĀ and Visit our New Detailing Location at 1675 W Pearce Blvd

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Any time is the perfect time to treat your car to a thorough high quality cleaning. By using Oasis Kwik Wash, your car can always appear as good as new. Oasis is the only full service car wash and detailing service in Wentzville and offers all the services that will ensure your car looks as good as the day you purchased it.

With Oasis Kwik Wash, you can select the specific service(s) you desire. We offer services starting with a basic wash up to and including a full car detail. Almost all of our services can be selected a la carte as well.


Oasis Kwik Wash services include:

  • Tunnel Car Wash
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Windows Cleaning
  • Tire Shining
  • Fragrance
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Ozone Treatment
  • Leather Treatment
  • Wipe Dash and Steering Column
  • Trunk Vacuuming


  • Waxing
  • Vacuuming and Dusting
  • Hand Drying
  • Wheel Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Armor All
  • Hand Prep
  • Vents and Crevices Blown with Compressed Air
  • Tar Removal

In order to keep your car looking new and clean, each service Oasis Kwik Wash offers is essential. Keeping up with these maintenance services helps your vehicle retain its value and allows you take pride in your car.

Oasis’ services are not only for aesthetic purposes, but are important for keeping your car functioning properly and efficiently. For example, an engine cleaning is crucial because it helps your engine run cooler. This will boost your fuel efficiency. With high gas prices, getting the most out of your fuel is important. In addition, engine cleaning prolongs the life of your engine.

If a clean and shiny car is important to you, keeping up with its maintenance also should be. Because there are so many chores to do when it comes to cleaning your car inside and outside, it’s best to let Oasis Kwik Wash do the work for you. You will save both time and money.